First Landing State Park 2500 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451



Mission Statement


The mission of this organization is to operate on a non-profit basis to provide assistance to the Virginia Division of State Parks for the continued reservation and conservation of First Landing State Park by supplying funds, materials, and/or labor as may be required for projects approved by the park management which will embrace the educational and recreational opportunities available to Virginians and their guests.  The Friends group  as established in 1988 to provide funds through fund raising for a landscaped area at the trail center which would display indigenous plants and natural diversity. The Friends group received its non-profit status in 1989.

  Since its inception, the group has expanded its agenda and now raises funds and is involved in a variety of projects to benefit the park. The Friends also serve as advocates, speaking on behalf of the park, to encourage legislative support, and raise funds for exhibits and environmental displays.  First Landing is one of Virginia’s six original state parks, and the most visited.

What Friends Can Do!

The Friends have recently assisted with the first two Tree Army plantings which disguise un-authorized trails to preserve sensitive habitat.



  • Recruit new members from the surrounding community who have an interest in promoting the mission of the Friends of First Landing.
  • Write legislators and representatives indicating your support of continued funding for park programs and operations.
  • Assist in planning and implementation of special events and fund raising efforts to support the park. 
  • Volunteer for a variety of park projects through out the year.

Please click here for a membership registration form, or call
Wayne Guenther 757-963-1614 or cell 434-962-0002  

Thank You.